Christinas Baby Countdown

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Whats Billy & Mar Up To?

Well, we havent posted anything for a while! Sorry!! :) Billy & Mar are just hard at work. Marianne recently flew to Billings, MT and filmed some commercials for the Foot Care Centers. It was a lot of fun. Those commercials will be posted as soon as I get them up. Other than that, Marianne is just working a lot on videos and trying to make her business grow. Its a tough job! Bill is having a tougher time though... Real Estate is really cruddy right now. So were just working hard everyday. Thats all! :) We're happy and that all that matters!
These are pictures from some fun we had last night with our friends.

Group Shot :)

Leah loved that Doggy!

Bill & Mar playing Baseball on the Wii... Marianne sucks by the way! :)

Brittany, Amber, and I
I spy a little pregnant tummy with yellow and white stripes!! :)
Brittany- The Crazy, Amber- The Mom, Mar- The Wonderer

Amber & Doug in a boxing match on the Wii... it was funny to watch!

Brit & Amber punching it out!