Christinas Baby Countdown

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Happenings in Billings~

Picture 1
I took a trip in September to reconnect with a dear friend from the college years, Debby Moore. It also gave me an opportunity to see Curtis. Curt and I had a wonderful time. We went out to dinner with Curt and the Moore girls. We then went to Walmart and found a movie and went back to his apartment and baked brownies and watched "Click" We had some good laughs! Curt and I went to Church the next morn and took a walk in the park. On Monday morning before I left town, Debby and I went shopping for our college kids. I bought Curt a few items to add some color (gee....that is surprising for mom!) to his apartment. His roommates kept me company while I gave it a color attack. I love you Curt!

Picture 2
Well Ben has become the running machine! He got an award for "Most Improved Time" in his running. He is moving up the pack. Keep it up Ben!

Picture 3
Ben's birthday! Number 15! Yoohoo! We went to dinner at "The Olive Garden" and he got an I-Pod to entertain him during his runs from Dad and Mom. Lets see, from Marianne he got a gift certificate to Cold Stone! Yummy!! From Curtis he got________, From Christina he got ___________ Hmmmmm where are they! Just a little reminder guys :-) Doesn't have to be expensive, a key chain a bookmark, a scripture marker even a candy bar. Anything to let him know you are thinking of him.

October 1. 2007
Well I had a funny experience I had to share with all of you. No picture, sorry! I had a little emotional minute last week that made me a little teary. But I quickly dried my eyes and went about my day. Orrin was in the kitchen doing his school work. I sat down to go over some school stuff with him and he asked me if I had been crying. I didn't want to worry him because it really was no big deal so I said no, no son, I'm fine...(I said enthusiastically!) Later, he asked again, and again I told him no and that I was fine. The third time he asked I got a little Anoyed and said, "Son, I should know if I have been crying or not!" Just then I walked into the kitchen and caught my reflection in the mirror...! I had gotten a free sample of mascara during a promotion. I switched from my waterproof regular that I have been using for years to try this sample...not waterproof! I looked like a football player with his black smeared under his eyes only mine was so bad you could even see the tear streak down the cheek! I hadn't really cried that hard, it was just very poor makeup. I started laughing and then Orrin started laughing and we both laughed so hard I almost started crying again! Moral to the story, don't lie to your kids even to avoid looking hormonal!