Christinas Baby Countdown

Friday, October 5, 2007

Marianne loves her nieces!!

Well, being the eldest of the McLaws kids, I haven't had the chance to be an aunt like all my other friends, until I got married! I have LOVED being an aunt. The twins, Annabelle and Adeline, are just the cutest girls ever. I am working on their 1 year b-day movie. I've been filming them off and on throughout the year. So I've got to hang out with them a lot, and I LOVE IT. Anyways, they came over yesterday to film a little and also to hang out with their best friends, my doggy, Arthur. They absolutly LOVE him. They giggle every time he gets near them. Its adorable! It'll be on the video that I make. Anyways, just wanted to show some pics of them! Love, Mar