Christinas Baby Countdown

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Update From Billings Montana!!

We had a wonderful night getting to know the members of the new Bishop.
Dad is a little nervous because he wants to do a good job.
I think he will be a great Bishop....
as long as he doesn't break down and do his Chris Farley
Motivational speaker bit for the youth!!!
I have been picking weeds, yes weeds, for Christina's reception. A friend of mine, Nancy Watkins and I went deep into the Bear-tooth Mountains and thinned a few dogwood bushes and found some weeds that actually look like wild flowers for drying. I had some extra dogwood and weeds so I put them in baskets and put them on the front porch. Happy Harvest! Hugs to all of you, from Austria.


Marianne & Billy said...

Daddy is so cute! Love you all and miss you all!!! Cant wait to see you in January!!