Christinas Baby Countdown

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Update on the McLaws Clan....

Well, I figured it was about bloody time for an update.... so, here we go!
Recent extended family news: our cousin Derek Smith returned home from his Mexico City Mission. Its really fun to have him home and to hav
e all the Smith boys together again.

Immediate Family News:

Dad is still working hard between Sheridan and Billings. Being a Bishop just makes him a little busier too.. meaning he's always busy! =) He's very happy though and even though he can never make it past 15 minutes into a movie, he always h
as time for a joke and a song =)

Mom just retired from Seminary from being a teacher for 3 years!! Being a Bishops wife is a calling all in itself! She loved Seminary, but I think she'll be very happy not to have to get up at 4am anymore! GOOD JOB MAMMA!
Mom visiting Derek at his homecoming!

Billy & Mar are just working like ants!! We don't stop! We are packing up our current house and moving up to Billings for the Summer (gotta escape this dang 115 degree heat!!) .. after the Summer is over we will be moving into our cute little Condo in Chandler that has had renters in it forever. We excited to live in something smaller! 4,700 sq feet was becoming a major pain! So were excited to up North this Summer. Billy's Real Estate continues to be good and Mariannes Videography business couldn't be better!!
(Jared & Mar dancing at Christinas
Wedding - Feb 08)

Curtis... is back in Billings too!! He is working at Best Buy and is still taking college classes. He's liking being back at home with the
family and out of dorm life.
He promises to teach his older sister dance moves this Summer, and promised Bill to play Raquet ball with him a lot this Summer, so were excited for Curt to get us into shape!!

Christina was married in Feb 08 and is truly loving every minute of it. In her words "I was made for marriage!" Ben has Celiac's which means he can't eat Gluten. Therefore, Christina has to make all their bread special for him, so its been fun but a lot of work. They are also in Billings, MT this Summer at Mom & Dads working and preparing to go back to school this Winter. If Mom and Dad were having empty nest syndrome..... well, there not gonna have it this Summer!!
Orrin is doing great! He has really learned to control his ticks. It takes amazing brain control and Orrin is just doing 110%! Im so proud of him. He's off all his meds and is such a wonderful boy! Always smiling and loving. Were rooming next to his room this Summer, we'll be excited to hear all his loud teenage music! ;) Good thing its all Christian rock!! Another exciting factoid: ORRIN JUST GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL! He graduated early!! What a smartie!

Ben has been running track this past school year and has done amazing! He went from Junior to Varsity!! His coach upgraded him because he is so good. So here Ben was, a Freshman running with Seniors! WAY TO GO! We have this running gene from our Grandpa Dale and Ben is using it to his advantage! He ran to 2 mile in 11 min 13 secs!!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Good job Ben!

We hope everyone is doing well.. We love you ALL!!!!!