Christinas Baby Countdown

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Well... a lot has been going on with us lately! Heres an update:
Picture above is supposivley a King from Denmark. We might be related... dont know for sure though.... Marianne is getting into Genealogy more and loving it.

We went to Mt Rushmore South Dakota this summer and has a blast. Our Grandparents have an amazing Ranch there so we try and go every summer. This Summer we were able to watch the 4th of July fireworks! So fun and defiantly worth the 8 hour wait.

Group Shot of us wating the the evening to ome to watch fireworks.
From left to right: Christina & Ben (her husband) Cousin Wyatt and Aunt Marianne, Mamma, Me and Billy, Cousin Derek, Dad

Papa, Bill and Derek getting ready to do some fishing. Derek caught us tons of fish and we had a huge fish fry!

Wyatt and I by a stream trying to nurse a baby bat we found back to health. His Mom abandoned him.

I took these two picture of Christina (and tons more) to experiment a little with my awesome camera. I loved how they turned out and decided to offer Brides a thing called Trash the Dress... where after their weddings they can take some fun shots without worrying about their dresses getting ruined! Isnt Christina beautiful!

A fellow photographer friend of ours wanted to practice a little on working with his new camera... so Orrin and I had some shots taken of us.

Orrins turned out cool!

Thats all... I'll be better about keeping this updated. Love you all-- McLaws Clan


cambersue said...

ok, so who's blog is this one? and this is marianne, not christina! oh....that explains the shocking resemblance!