Christinas Baby Countdown

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Christina Safe In Vienna!

From Christina:
I have a chance to write to you so I wanted you to know I
am safe and sound in Vienna. It's about 6:15 pm here and we are all super
tired! We arrived at about 8 our time, midnight your time We checked
into the hotel we are staying at tonight and headed out to tour the town.
It's unbelievable here! Holy cow! It's too cool for words and the pictures I take do
it no justice! You would love it here. It's beautiful. All the buildings are
so imaculate and ornate. It's amazing how much art there is in ALL the
archatecture! I love it!
In about an hour we get to go to dinner together with the group and
then we come back to the hotel and go to bed! I'm so excited to do that
I can't even tell you. I will sleep so well tonight.
Saying goodbye to Ben was awful. It was super hard and I don't want
to do that again. But now I'm here and I'm missing him and all you, but totally happy and excited to be here.
I hope you have a good August the 30th, mine was pretty good :)
From Abroad,
Christina C. McLaws :)


Barbi said...

So glad you are safe my sweet girl! We all miss you very much. Soak, soak, soak it in and get some sleep. Hugs,
PS- I watched Emma while getting ready for bed. Wish you were there.