Christinas Baby Countdown

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Well, this is yet another attempt to get the family to all see what each other is doing on ONE web page :) so many things are out there... Myspace, Facebook, email, etc... too many to keep track of! So this way we can all see each others pictures/videos, especially since Curts in ID, Christina is half way around the world, Mom/Dad/Orrin/Ben in MT and Billy & I in AZ, we're just I'll start! :) Heres the video of the girls this summer :) LOVE YOU ALL!!! This is going to be awesome!!


You must have hated this moose! said...

You will help me figure all of this out....right! Riiiiight! Mom

You must have hated this moose! said...

OK, Mommy is here! Yoohoo! We'll see how this goes. Love you, Mom