Christinas Baby Countdown

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

South Dakota Trip!

Christina and new fiance Ben at Bear Country :) awwww....
Ben shooting the pigeons off for us to shoot!
Billy & Mar... Jewel Cave

Mar ready for pic, Curt..not ready for pic, Dad.. thinks everyone is listening to him :)
What a pair of cuties!
Hello Handsome!
Um, ewww....... Jewel Cave walls
Jewel Cave
Billy & Mar.. Cosmos
Come on Mar, push it!
Everybody fallin at Cosmos
Mar sideways!
Hey Curt! Get down from there!
Man, thats gonna leave a mark!
Bear Country.. McLaws Hotties!
Billy & Mar
Cute baby mtn. lion .. at 6 months the spots and blue eyes will be gone. Cute!
Good pic Billy!
Mar, Ben R., Curt, Fo, looking at baby lion!
Mar & Fo
Mar shooting!
Christina Shooting!
Orrin Shooting!
Benjamin Shooting!

Dad and Curtis.. waiting their turn :) They are Twins too!


Barbi said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOh, this is quite a dark cave! Mom